Nuts & Dried fruit

Benia’s most diverse products fall into this category, which includes a variety of nuts and dried fruits. Among the high quality nuts, we can mention Iranian pistachio without aflatoxin. Also in the category of dried fruits, fruits such as kiwi, orange, apple, banana, apricot, dried berry, etc. can be mentioned.

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Dates Product

Benia Group has produced modern, nutritious and delicious processed dates from dates by using modern knowledge and the theory of nutrition experts. These products include chocolate dates with nuts; Mejool Dates with nuts; Date truffle; Date crisps and …..

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Iran is known as one of the largest producers of dates in the world. Dates are one of the richest fruits and therefore have an important place not only in Iran but also in most countries of the world in the diet. Benia Collection is one of the key suppliers of all kinds of dates, both in bulk and in various and stylish packages. We are able to offer a variety of dates, including Bam Mazafati dates, Mejool dates, Piarom dates, Estamaran dates, Rabi dates, Kabkab dates, etc.

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BENIA Introduction

BENIA COMPANY, is the main supplier of Iranian Foodstuffs in the domestic and foreign markets.

We take responsibility for your need by :

  • putting in the effort gain experience and become better.

  • employing young experienced professional individuals that are familiar with the most up-to-date technology.
  • cooperation with the best gardeners and producers.

Our goal is to deliver healthier, most delicious and more attractive.

We would be very pleased to develop a friendship and provide consultation to serve you based on your demands and requirements.

hopefully, we will be able to work towards building a strong and friendly business relationship together in the near future.

BENIA abilities

Why can you TRUST us?

Creative Packaging

Agility in Order delivery

Customizable Quality

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